5 Ways to Make Small Talk With Strangers

Small Talk With StrangersMarvie here! Neysha had to go down South with her mom and dad and so I am left alone here in our blog. She sent me a message earlier reminding me that I need to make sure that I log-in today. Whew! Of course, I love what I am doing, regardless of the obligation to do so.

The thing is, without Neysha here, I have nothing to discuss things with. So I was in a total block earlier when I started to sit down and tried to think of a good topic to write. Just then, the doorbell in our unit rang. When I checked, I didn’t know who the person was outside. Then I asked, he just said he was looking for somebody in our floor, and might have just pressed the wrong button. I said, okay, sorry, wrong house.

Then, the idea came in. Of course, the situation earlier was kinda different. That was the best thing to do, for security purposes. But, what if? What if, suddenly you need to go to somewhere unfamiliar, and you need to interact with strangers, how would you fare?

Talking with Strangers

Growing up, we always hear our parents reminding us not to talk to strangers. However, as we grow older, the need to talk even with strangers has become a need. The reason is because we need to socialize and interact with other people. May there be a purpose or not, we need to know how to engage even in a small talk with strangers. The question is, how can we do so comfortably? Here are 5 ways to do so:

  • For instance, you are in a social gathering, and you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you have to interact with another person you barely, or do not know at all. It is our tendency to ask “how are you?”. But reality dictates that after an answer is given, it can lead to a long and awkward pause. Thus, it is better to think of a follow-up question, such as asking: “how do you know (host)?”. It can be a good conversation starter. We have a small world, you know. Be quick to create links with people.
  • Another way is to ask open ended questions. Of course, you also have to be very careful because the person you are speaking with might misinterpret your approach as something invasive.
  • Start with a compliment. Well, yeah, yeah, it works better with girls. I mean, it would be very awkward for men to just go up and say: ‘hey, I love those ties,’, or ‘I love your suit, where did you get it?’. Still, a compliment about work, or other things can still catch the attention of a stranger and can start a conversation.
  • Make eye contact. Whatever plan you may have as a topic for discussion, having an eye contact is very important. Of course, you have to make sure that you don’t look like you are hypnotizing someone; you just have to look real.
  • Talk about some common grounds. For example, if you are at a company affair, you can talk about your work. Be keen in observing whether the person you are speaking with is the type of person who feels superior or inferior. Give compliments, only when necessary.

There you go, I guess talking with a stranger is not that difficult at all. We simply need to socialize, that’s all!



How to Use Social Media to Land Your Next Dream Job

Pretty woman holding social icon balloonHey there, our avid readers! It’s us again, doing our most favorite bonding time, blogging. The other week, Neysha and me went out for a stroll downtown and noticed some people lining up outside the lobby of a building. We just thought that perhaps they were came in earlier than the opening time of the office inside, but when I couldn’t stop my curiosity and asked a lady what they are doing there, we learned that they were lining up for a job interview.

Ooh, an interview, we said. Marvie thought that gone are the days where people have to actually line up for these interviews, but that day we were wrong. We realized that there are still some companies who prefer the traditional way of searching for their employers.

As we continued our stroll, we came across one of our favorite coffee shops and decided to go in. As we each started to grab our mobile devices to ‘check-in’, we realized how powerful of a tool social media really is. I remember Marvie saying: ‘Why don’t they just do all hiring process online, and scout the background of a person via social media?’

I mean, she has a point.

The evening after, I decided to search for more information about this thing that bothered me. I asked permission from Marvie that I will take care of this blog entry, as I have some wonderful ideas in mind. She agreed. As we always say, our minds are connected anyway, so what I say, she will definitely agree with. (I hope so!)

The Power of Social Media

If you are among the millions of people whore doing job hunting these days, you perfectly understand that with this economy that we are living in, finding your dream job may turn out to be next to impossible. Even agencies agree of this point.

Fortunately, along with the existence of technology, there is now a better way to do a job search through the Internet. This  can be done with the help of social media. I have gathered some social media channels and listed down how they can possibly help you out:


No doubt, Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social networks these days. People all over the world turn to this media in order to interact with other people. However, more to this purpose, you may also find here discussions on potential job openings and more. Also, some hiring managers turn to Facebook in searching for potential applicants for a position they are opening.


This social network is primarily designed for working professionals. Here you may be able to connect with previous co-workers, as well as other colleagues from all over the world. All you need to do is to simply let them know that you are looking for a new job. Recommendations can also back up your reputation.


Twitter’s purpose is to connect you to people who share the same interest as you. It offers an edge because you can follow people without having the need to ask for their permission. You can use the site to let the people know that you are a jobseeker, and hiring managers may contact you directly.

Yes, social media IS powerful. Thus, make sure you have a good reputation online because it can help you when you apply for your next dream job!

Why Pop Music is So Addicting, Even In Your 20s

Girl Listening Pop MusiThere are many things that Neysha and I always agree on. However, if there is one thing that we both love the most, its pop music. Even before we met through our blogs, we already have our separate music lives. As a matter of fact, our friendship started when she posted something about pop music. I was in complete favor of her options in her blog, and actually felt the same way towards pop culture. It was then that I first commented on her blog. The next few blogs followed, and there I realized that I share the same passion with her, and so we became really good friends. That’s how everything started.

We are both in our 20s, and until now, we can say that we dig pop music. As a matter of fact, there was one point when we actually acknowledged that we were addicted with it, in a positive way, of course. I personally think we are not the only ones who think this way. We are pretty sure that there are many people in their 20s who also feel attracted towards this music genre, loving it so much, even to the point of considering that they are already addicted to it.

Why is Pop Music Addicting?

When talking about the genre itself, pop music has a very eclectic nature. It even borrows certain elements from other music genres including latin, rock and country music. Still, there are core features that really define the pop music. Pop music comes in different forms. There are short songs, and there are medium length ones, all written in a verse chorus format. What distinguishes pop from the rest is the use of repeated choruses, catchy hooks and melodic tunes.

Regardless of this seemingly innocent musical nature, it seems that pop music has a huge influence over young ones, and even young adults. The reason behind this attachment is the ‘catchy’ approach of the music. The tunes and the melodies don’t seem to leave them unless they have the courage to listen to other genres. Most of the pop artists these days attempt to change their image to suit the industry. But still, pop music is pop music. It has its own magnet that pulls music lovers towards its bizarre attractive qualities.

In general, music is addictive, regardless of the genre. Why don’t you try this simple experiment? Try not to listen to any music for a week. Some of you might have tried this already. It’s as difficult as hell, I suppose.  This is true across various music genres. However, it seems that pop has the most fans and supporters. Matter of fact, there are songs that do not even make sense but are still able to catch the attention of listeners. Music is simply like that. It pulls people, with no explanation.

Why we love pop music? They tell the story of our lives. In one way or another, we can relate to the lyrics, and that’s why we keep singing these songs over and over again.